Saturday, July 28, 2007


I have at long last, like I have long threatened to- shifted my blog. People whom I care sufficiently about with the contents of my blog will receive the link from me in due time. If you didn't get it, well, then don't even think to ask why.

Its not that I don't link such people or anything. But my posts have now become more suitable for certain audiences. It is with great regret I have shifted (although I have no love whatsoever for my blog address, the miserable irony of it)

Au Revoir.

Just one love.

Johann Faust blogged at 2:33 AM

Lone Ranger...
...alone in the dark...

Lone Ranger-

Maybe if I have another chance, I'd go into my past And make life a better one For me and you



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    The Past-

    ~July 2007~


    Life Story